There are no limits to your imagination

In these Paintings over 30  years of my experience with meditation, healing and artistic expression are coming together, creating objects that are transmitting the very essence  of it.



It is art in which your own potential for inner peace, your creativity, your freedom to perceive each moment freshly, can resonate and flourish.



Imagine having a good friend in your house.

Feel the presence of this friend., how it is making you feel at home and relaxed.


It is a friend, who is reflecting the best sides of you, appreciating and supporting your beauty, your preciousness and your capacity to love.



Good Art can be just like that.

A reflection and a support of the best in you. 



Being a lover of art yourself, you probably had this kind of  experience before, when you looked at paintings::


Feeling  nourished and refreshed or that something good opens up inside of you?


Most likely  this happened in a big museum, with paintings of  famous Artists like Van Gogh, Chagall, Miro, or Rothko.



Did you ever have the fantasy of taking one of these paintings home?





Dancing Bannyan



Ink and Acrylic on heavy handmade paper

3x 55cm by 110 cm

© Shankar Tim Straub

3600 €